Today the need for quality images is greater than ever. Printed marketing and promotional materials are still very much in use, a thorough and professional website is almost mandatory, and social media outlets require a constant supply of content. Let Keynote Photography cover your next event, and provide range of professional images suitable for all applications.

  Your friends, clients, and co-workers deserve the best. Mobile devices can provide quick results for impromptu moments, but professional images will convey a sense of quality and purpose, and will stand out among a sea of lackluster photos. We have the experience to handle any scenario; from trade shows and industry events to athletic competitions and tournaments, we are equally comfortable in any setting. Elected officials, civic leaders, and members of the business community trust us to provide top quality and consistent results, all at a reasonable price.
  The Sports Legends Experience addition to the Indianapolis Children's Museum is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the museum in recent times. A huge outdoor development on the grounds of the museum will provide an exciting and interactive space for children and adults to engage with the sporting world. Highlighting this sports complex is an Avenue of Champions; a pathway featuring famous sports figures with direct ties to Indiana. Old National Bank, a primary sponsor of the Sports Legends, recently held a press conference at the Children's Museum to announce the names featured in the walkway, with many of the honorees in attendance. Keynote Photography was there to commemorate the event.
  Photographing an event or project means more than simply documenting the happenings and attendees. With the volume of images presented to the public in modern times - especially with the advent of social media - photographers must go beyond the traditional and seek unique and dynamic perspectives, while still maintaining the commercial integrity of the assignment. With every project, Keynote Photography strives to produce an array of images that are both visually interesting to the viewer and promotionally relevant to the client.
  We were proud to provide photographic content to candidate Eric Holcomb in his bid for US Senate, Lt. Governor, and Governor of Indiana - all in the same year! Now we have the honor of continuing our relationship with Governor Holcomb as he leads from our capital and visits locations across our fine state.
  Keynote Photography delivers completely finalized and edited images to all of our clients. Through our digital post production process, we maximize the potential of each image, as well as crop and format to your preferred specifications. While other studios may charge for such services, the quote you receive from KNP will be all inclusive.

  While the images you receive can be used for any purpose, the intended medium (print, website, etc) can affect certain editing decisions. If possible, please describe your image goals in detail at the time of quote request.
  Our clients do not exist to provide us with a portfolio of work; we exist to provide results for our clients. While ultimately every photographer holds licensing rights to their images, Keynote Photography allows full use of all contracted images for whatever purpose the client sees fit. Whether for social media, company websites, or advertisements and promotions, the usage of your images is under your control.
  The month of May in Indianapolis can mean only one thing: the greatest spectacle in racing. For the past few seasons, Keynote Photography has worked with Dreyer & Reinbold Racing, and their partner Loftus Robinson, to provide PR and promotional content for a variety of outlets. In addition, we are often allowed access to other events within the Indycar series, and provide images to teams, event organizers, racing personalities, and sponsors.
  The Indiana State Fair is one of the most highly attended fairs in the country. While agricultural events and displays are the focus, the fair also provides opportunities for local businesses and organizations to interact with the public. Keynote Photography has worked with many of these businesses, as well as the fair organization itself, to celebrate and promote the event.
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